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Uncommon Adornment

New York Jewelry Greensboro is not your run-of-the-mill wedding set and pearl necklace type of jewelers. We have uncommon pieces to adorn your body, from custom fabricated grillz and gold caps to other iced-out pieces that will leave you unforgettable from head to toe. New York Jewelry Greensboro only sells jewelry in the store (no online sales). For your protection we do not accept credit cards online or over the phone and we do not mail jewelry. All credit card transactions and product exchanges are performed in the store. You are welcome to view our online catalogs and purchase items at our location. Thank you. 

Gold and Silver Jewelry

Our Selection of gold and silver jewelry includes 10 and 14K chains as well as bracelets, rings, and watches. We also carry a variety of diamond jewelry pieces. Whether you want a silver chain, a customized gold name plate, or something else, you can find something that fits your style at New York Jewelry.

Gold Caps and Grillz

Because we have been in business for over two decades, we are confident in saying that we have the knowledge, equipment, and experience it takes to fabricate a high-quality, one-of-a-kind gold cap or grill for you. Each person is unique in the desired design as well as the shape of the mouth, and we are able to take these things into consideration as we satisfy your desires for uncommon jewelry adornment.


In addition to selling grillz, gold caps, diamonds, and more, we also buy jewelry. If you have a chain, a watch, or some loose diamonds you don’t want anymore, we can look at buying it from you. We also trade jewelry and have in-house financing options with other lease-to-own options to facilitate your adornment needs in the Greensboro area.

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Jewelry Repair

We ensure that our jewelry is crafted to the highest standards, so we don’t anticipate you needing any repair for the items purchased at New York Jewelry Greensboro, but we can repair any type of broken jewelry or watch whether it is a family heirloom or something you’ve only had for a few years. Bring in your item and we will give you an estimated time and cost to bring it back to its original glory.

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